A General Guide to Red Lipstick in 2017

Posted on September 11 2017

Rihanna Red Lipstick

Red lips are a classic and timeless look that’s been rocked by almost every beauty icon. However, finding the right shade of red that would match your style and skin complexion isn’t always easy to do. Not everyone can rock a vampy red or an eye-popping bright red lippy. However, here is a basic guide to finding the perfect red hues, and you’ll notice heads turning everywhere you go.

Light and Fair Complexion

If you are someone with a light or pale skin like Emma Stone or Anne Hathaway, chances are your complexion has a pink-based undertone. The best type of red lipstick for this delicate skin type would either be blue-based or another pink-based red. Lipstick colors such as raspberry, vivid scarlet, or even orangey red can make your lips really pop.

Anne Hathaway Red Lipstick

Medium and Tanned Complexion

The best way to know if you’re this skin type is whether or not you burn in the sun. If you’re someone with a yellow-based or green-based skin tone such as Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian, or Gigi Hadid, you can rock a blue-based red or even brick or rust-colored shades of lipstick. These reds will not only give you a sexy and sultry look, it’ll also arm you with a mysterious smile.

Jessica Alba Red Lipstick

Dark and Deep Complexion

Women with a dark olive-based skin tone can rock a bunch of extreme red lipstick colors. Stars such as Lupita Nyong'o, Beyonce, and Jennifer Hudson can pull off yellow-based and blue-based colors such as metallic red, orange-red, and even creamy ruby reds. The pop of red with dark skin types can instantly transform a casual look to a glamorous evening look. 


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