How to Host the Best Pool Party Ever

Posted on May 23 2017

Summer is here and the sun is blazing. You know what that means? It’s time to kick up the heat and bust out your bikinis! What better way to do that than by throwing a pool party to remember? That’s why we put together a list of our go-to tips for those who want to be the hostess with the mostest.

1. Figure out your guest list -- Doesn’t matter what kind of party you’re throwing, make sure you have a guest list! You can keep it an intimate gathering, or you can spice it up and mix and match different groups of friends.

2. Choose the right decor -- Are you throwing a simple pool party or will it be themed? Pick decorations that will go well with your fun day in the sun.

Light Up Balloons

(Photo from Pinterest)  

3. Where the floaties at? -- We all know there’s going to be a pool, but what fun is it without any cool floaties? Having this around gives guests more incentive to actually get wet!


(Photo & Floaties from Naccessories)

4. Provide awesome snack options -- This isn’t the time to bust out the burgers and pasta. People are in their bathing suits, so be sure to keep your snacks light. Popsicles, nuts, chips, veggies and dip are all great options.

Fruit Popsicles
(Photo from Pinterest:

5. Don’t forget the booze -- Be sure to have enough refreshments (ahem, alcohol) to keep your guests hydrated in the sun. Keep things organized by setting up a designated bar station. Hot bartender is optional.

Strawberry Champagne
(Photo from Pinterest:





6. Put together your pool playlist -- Playing feel-good music is necessary when it comes to creating a feel-good party. Whether you plan on blasting the hip-hop, pop, r&b, or EDM.. keep the emo music to a minimum.

7. Have some games prepared -- Games such as beer pong, flip cup, charades and cards are an easy and awesome way to break the ice between guests. Not only that, but it provides other options for those who don’t want to just lay around.

Pineapple Games
(Photo from Pinterest:

8. Plenty of seats/resting areas -- Do your buddies a favor and provide areas for them to put their things. People like to have their own spot to retreat to.


(Photo from Pinterest:

9. Keep things safe -- Doesn’t matter if you’re throwing a party for kids or adults, safety is important. We all want to have a good time, but be sure to keep an eye out for any potential hazards around the pool before people come over.

10. Bring good vibes - Last but not least, keep it cool and have a good time. You’re bringing all your friends together to have fun and relax. That means you should too!


XOXO, Naccy Girls


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